Jong Metropole

Jong Metropole is a unique collaboration between the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJO), the National Jazz Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJJO) and the Metropole Orkest (MO). Jong Metropole combines the excellent performance from the classical tradition with the swing, improvisation and timing from the jazz tradition. The initiative is possible thanks to Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Keep an Eye Foundation. Read more>>

East meets West

Concert summertour 2022


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4 Aug • 6 Aug • 7 Aug • 8 Aug

¡Sol y Sonido!

Sun & South American sounds

Radio Kootwijk, Zeist, Den Haag, Bloemendaal

15 Nov • 16 Nov • 17 Nov

Soul Revolution

Soul with a capital S!

Tilburg, Essen

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