How to prepare

At a Jong Metropole audition, candidates will be asked to play a selection of orchestra excerpts from the list of orchestra excerpts. They must also prepare one piece of their choice from the solo pieces list for the audition. For big band players (trombone, saxophone, trumpet and rhythm section) we also require you to perform a standard from the American Songbook repertoire including improvisation on a chord progression of your own choice. Candidates should make sure they prepare one solo piece from the solo pieces list and all pieces from the orchestra excerpts list. Percussionists of the classical section do not have to prepare a solo piece, but must prepare all pieces from the JM orchestra excerpts list.

Auditions lead vocals

Lead vocalists are selected through a different procedure. Only candidates who are selected after their video-audition will be invited for a live audition on 4/5/6 April in Hilversum. The video-audition must meet the following requirements:

  • Repertoire: standard form the American Songbook-repertoire and a solopiece of your choice (with piano accompaniment or an accompanying recording) 
  • Good quality in audio / video
  • Duration of video between 4 - 8 minutes.
  • Previously recorded material is allowed.
  • Delivery via YouTube link in portal
    [For more info, read Video auditions
  • Deadline for video-auditions: 1 March 2023

Results for the video-auditions will be sent via email before 10 March 2023. 

Piano accompaniment

With the exception of harp, percussion / drums, keys and (bass) guitar, piano accompaniment is mandatory at live auditions. Candidates are allowed to bring their own pianist to accompany their solo piece, but if they do not have a pianist available Jong Metropole will provide for one during auditions. The pianist provided by Jong Metropole will practise with the candidate just before the audition. Candidates are obliged to bring a score for the pianist. 

Auxiliary instruments 

Musicians only audition for their main instrument. Playing auxiliary instruments is not mandatory with the exception of:

  • bass guitar players who also need to be able to play jazz double bass: bass guitar and jazz double bass together form one position in the orchestra, candidates are therefore required to audition on both instruments and prepare the orchestra excerpts for both instruments;
  • guitar players who are required to play both acoustic and electric guitar.

Information on the orchestration of each project can be found in Programme and planning.


The key to a successful audition is thorough preparation of both the solo piece (if required; see above) and the orchestral excerpts. Make time for your excerpts, listen to recordings of the works and / or take a look at the score. It is important that you play the excerpts accurately, but also with sensitivity to the context of the whole piece, paying particular attention to accurate rhythm, tempi, dynamics and tuning.

Audition tips

On the website of the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJO) you will find video's with tips from professional musicians and (former) members of NJO which may be helpful in preparing for your audition.

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